Arcoscan Inc is a Silicon Valley based technology company that has developed next-generation biometric and artificial intelligence technology for definitive age verification. Arcoscan has developed this technology in collaboration with the Stanford Research Institute (SRI International). Arcosan’s biometric age verification technology will surpass a 99%+ accuracy rate (on par with Apple’s FACE ID technology used by more than 100MM people per month).


No More IDs

Frictionless Commerce

Enable New Markets

Market Opportunity

Age verification is essential for industries representing over $6.7 trillion (and growing) in annual activity.

$6.7+ Trillion

$4.2 Trillion annual activity in growing tech powered markets

$2.5 Trillion annual activity in traditional age restricted markets


$1.0 Trillion

Artificial Intelligence

$2.7 Trillion


$112 Billion

Digital Gaming

$375 Trillion

Online Gambling

$125 Billion

E-Cigarettes & Tobacco

$850 Billion


$1.6 Trillion


$22 Billion


Mobile App Implementation

POS Integration

Embedded Device Implementation



Founding team has started, built, and scaled multiple multi-billion-dollar companies.


Developed in partnership with SRI - developers of the internet, modem, computer mouse, HDTV, speech recognition, SIRI, and biometric technologies in use by DARPA, DoD, Homeland Security, etc.


Advisors include experts in Technology Transfer, Payments, Compliance & Risk Management from organizations like Amazon, Coinbase, Facebook, InQTel and PayPal.


Arcoscan is working with SRI to develop next generation technologies. SRI International has played a leading role in the development of biometric technology solutions for the United States Department of Defense, DARPA, and countless government agencies in the US and around the world. SRI International is best known for inventing the Internet in 1969 with DARPA and UCLA, but also created SIRI the voice-activated agent found on every single Apple iPhone and used by over 500 million people each month.